inRegen has developed a cell-based product called REACT (Regenerative Autologous Cell Therapy), designed to build renal function in patients with chronically diseased kidneys. REACT is being developed to delay or prevent renal replacement therapy (dialysis or kidney transplant). inRegen’s REACT (also known as Neo-Kidney Augment or "NKA") is a percutaneous minimally invasive injectable product composed of the patient’s own regenerative renal cells (RRC).  Because REACT/NKA is a personalized medicine composed of a patient’s own cells, there is no need for immunosuppressive therapy used for a patient’s lifetime for kidney transplant.


In the United States, over 500,000 patients per year suffer from diabetic kidney disease.  inRegen is currently conducting multiple Phase 2 clinical trials for its REACT/NKA product. The inRegen Phase 2 clinical trials are based on a successful internationally conducted Phase 1 clinical trial of the REACT/NKA product. Some of the first patients to be injected have been followed for over three years and remain dialysis-free. The trial demonstrated that REACT/NKA was well tolerated by patients with moderate to severe diabetic kidney disease.


If you have questions regarding inRegen or the REACT/NKA trial more information is available at, the website:, or directly from inRegen


NKA/ReACT Pipeline